The Australian Barley Technical Symposium brings barley researchers, breeders, maltsters, marketers and farmers up-to-date with new science, technology, industry issues and a market outlook.


The ABTS provides a “whole of industry” forum for the barley grains industries around the world to discuss important issues.

Klaus Pillen, 2014 HD
Gunther GWH hr
Patrick Maguire
Professor Robert Park
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Robert McCaig photo
Sarah McKim RSE picture
Dr Flavio Capettini May 14 2015
Ramesh Verma
Klaus Pillen, 2014 HD
Gunther GWH hr
Patrick Maguire
Professor Robert Park
2013-08-21 16.33.02
Robert McCaig photo
Sarah McKim RSE picture
Dr Flavio Capettini May 14 2015
Ramesh Verma

Australian Barley Technical Symposium

list of historical locations

Year      ABTS        Location

1983    1st        Perth

1985    2nd      Toowoomba

1987    3rd      Wagga Wagga

1989    4th       Adelaide

1991    5th       Horsham

1993    6th       Launceston

1995    7th       Perth

1997    8th       Gold Coast

1999    9th       Melbourne

2001   10th     Canberra

2003   11th      Adelaide

2005   12th      Hobart

2007   13th      Fremantle

2009   14th      Sunshine Coast

2011   15th      Adelaide

2013  16th      Melbourne

2015  17th      Sydney

2017  18th      Hobart

2019  19th      Perth

ABTS Inc - 

David Moody, Chair

Glen Fox, Secretary

Ralph Nischwitz, Treasurer

17th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Novotel – Manly Pacific, Sydney, New South Wales
13 – 16 September 2015

John Stuart, Chair

15th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Hilton, Adelaide, South Australia
18 – 21 September 2011

Jason Eglinton, Chair

13th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia
26 – 30 August 2007

Mr Andy Crane, Chair

11th Australian Barley Technical Symposium

Adelaide, South Australia


7 - 10 September 2003

9th Australian Barley Technical Symposium

Melbourne, VIC


12 – 16 September, 1999

18th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Wrest Point Hotel Casino, Hobart, Tasmania

3 - 6 September 2017

Meixue Zhou, Chair

16th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Sofitel Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria

September 2013

David Moody, Chair

14th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Novotel Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
13 – 17 September 2009

David Poulsen, Chair

12th Australian Barley Technical Symposium
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania
10 – 13 September 2005

Dr Evan Evans, Chair

10th Australian Barley Technical Symposium

Rydges Lakeside Canberra Hotel, Canberra,


16 – 20 September 2001

Dr Barbara Read, Chair

ABTS members have been in their (several) hundreds over the years and whilst we can't list all, below are many Australians, some whom have taken notable roles on various ABTS organising committees, and whose contributions and/or attendance have been welcomed and their efforts appreciated by our barley industry. In no particular order are:

Ros Ferguson, Secretary  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries,Queensland


John Agnew, Treasurer  AgForce


Greg Platz  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries,Queensland


Glen Fox  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries,Queensland


Ricky Graham  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries,Queensland


Neil Gannon  Ridley


Geoff Day  Fosters


Jerry Frankowiak  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries,Queensland


Linda Price  Barley Australia


Kym McIntyre  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries,Queensland


Guy McMullan


John Meehan  Lion Nathan


Peter Healy  Lion Nathan


Miro Prazak  Malteurop


Leeica Angus, GRDC


Mark Sutherland

Mr Andy Crane  Grain Pool


The late Mr Peter Portmann  Grain Pool

Mr Blakely Paynter  WA Department of Agriculture


Ms Christina Grime  University of Western Australia


Mr Reg Lance  WA Department of Agriculture


Mr David Poulsen  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries, QLD

Dr Evan Evans  Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture Research

The late Paul Johnston, Barley breeder, DPI QLD 


Mr Gary Hughes  Joe White Maltings Pty Ltd, SA


Mr Roger Ibbott  Cascade Brewery Co Pty Ltd


Mr Ian MacKinnon  GRDC Southern Panel

Ms Diedre Davis, GRDC advisor


Dr David Poulsen  Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries, QLD

The late Dr David Sparrow, Barley Breeder, Univeristy of Adelaide

Mr Stewart Coventry, barley breeder University of Adelaide

Ms Amanda Box, barley breeder, University of Adelaide


Mr Ken Saint  ABB Grain Ltd, SA


Dr Meixeu Zhou  Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture Research

Dr Barbara Read  Chairperson

Ms Fay Helidoniotis, barley chemist NSW Ag

Mr John Stuart, GrainCorp Operations Ltd

Ralph Nischwitz, BBM

David Moody, Barley Breeder, Intergrain

Mr Andrew Gee, Barley Australia

Mr Trevor Perryman, Malteurop

Mr Paul Rigoni, BBM

Mr Dean Ganino, BBM

Dr Megan Sheehy, Barley Australia

...and many more

NB: If you have attended an ABTS and would like your name added to the list, please contact us and forward your details.