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A bi-annual conference held at various locations around Australia; attracting science leaders, speakers and presenters and delegates from Australia and around the world.

Each ABTS encourages attendance in order for knowledge and experience to be shared for the betterment of the barley industry. This often involves social networking - a key critical pathway to success.

To encourage and support young upcoming scientists by providing platforms to present their work, their research, to industry leaders and other delegates in attendance, as well as providing a symposium framework to aid in their continued education.

The ABTS provides networking opportunities at each symposium for all in attendance to discuss research outcomes, objectives, hurdles and issues with the trade attendance and with each other.

Barley subjects or issues of importance can be raised at our ABTS for open discussion, questions and/or debate.


Outcomes and feedback from these discussions are taken away by delegates for actioning within their own realm, for the overall betterment of the barley industry.







To hold and minute the meetings of an AGM in accordance with the Rules of Association of ABTS Inc.

This involves the continuance of support and funding of what is one of the world's most prestigious conferences on barley destined for malting and brewing; and in the support of grower agronomic returns that ensures Australia's barley industry keeps pace with the world increase in demand.





As part of its Objective to promote exchange of technical information concerning the barley industry,ABTS Inc shall be responsible for appointing an Australian representative on the International Barley Genetics Symposium - International Organising Committee (IBGS-IOC), through a ballot process conducted by ABTS Inc.

ABTS Inc holds competitions each two years at the Symposium for young barley researchers. These involve 1) a "Barley Research Incentive Award" to a candidate less than 35 years old in accordance with the Rules of Association. 2) Administering the Paul Johnston Memorial Trust Award; and 3) Poster awards.

ABTS Inc encourages membership, and may approve or otherwise of memberships in accordance with the Rules of Association. This may involve classes of membership consisting of an unlimited number of ordinary members, Organising Committee members as well as maintaining the Management Committee roles and responsibilities. 

ABTS Inc manages the funds of the association and maintains proper books and accounts with expenditure and income records maintained. These are audited in accordance with the Rules of Association, and a report issued to the secretary before the next annual general meeting following the financial year for which the audit was made.




The ABTS Inc Management Committee is:

David Moody: Chair

Glen Fox: Secretary

Ralph Nischwitz: Treasurer

The Management Committee (elected to their respective positions by ABTS members) look after ABTS issues beyond each symposium.


One of their main functions is to ensure an "Organising Committee" is formed to organise the next  Symposium. Another is to appoint an Australian representative on the International Barley Genetics Symposium Organising Committee, as well as many other functions as listed in the Rules of Association

ABTS Inc Rules of Association - click here: