Australian Barley Technical Symposium

Revered as probably the most significant technical symposium on barley that rivals any other held anywhere in the world, the ABTS attracts scientists, researchers, maltsters, brewers, marketers, extension officers and many others in the barley industry from around the world.

Delegate attendance is generally from Australia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, France, Germany, England, Belgium, Scotland, Argentina, Uruguay, Morocco, South Africa and others..

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The biannual Australian Barley Technical Symposium (ABTS) allows delegates to see fresh, new overseas keynote speakers addressing new technologies and opportunities for the grains industry with an emphasis on focusing on grain quality to produce a premium product.

These topics update the Australian industry and researchers on the current research progress of their groups, provide opportunities for Australian researchers to participate in collaborations, and maintain and support the ABTS’s enviable International reputation for being the best meeting of its type in the world.

The Symposium ensures that more of our young scientists and key farmers are exposed to new developments and the people actively involved in new technologies and innovation. As such the Symposium serves as a showcase for the world leading research being undertaken in Australia and emphasized that the Australian barley industries excellent support base in producing a premium quality product.

In summary, the aims of the Australian Barley Technical Symposium are to:

Bring Australian barley researchers, breeders, maltsters, marketers and farmers up to date with new science, technology, industry issues and a market outlook.


Provide a vehicle to invite prominent national and international speakers to impart their perspectives and knowledge to the delegates.

Provide a forum for young scientists and students to present their work at a national meeting.

Undertake a special themes surrounding issues that are of importance to the future development of the Australian barley industry profiting from quality.

Provide a “whole of industry” forum for the barley industry to discuss important issues.

The Symposium is administered by Australian Barley Technical Symposium Inc, whose members comprise the registered delegates from the previous meeting.


At this meeting the delegates appoint a committee to organise the next symposium.

The Australian Barley Technical Symposium brings Australian barley researchers, breeders, maltsters, marketers and farmers up-to-date with new science, technology, industry issues and a market outlook. The ABTS provides a “whole of industry” forum for the barley grains industries to discuss important issues.

“Australia’s luck did not fall from the sky, it had to be reaped from the earth in a triumph of mind over muscle. Success flowed, not from an abundance of good fortune, but from its lucky culture, egalitarian ethos and the application of science. Rural entrepreneurs tinkered with machines, animals and plants to overcome a perennial shortage of labour and the tyranny of distance. The expansion of broad-acre farming would not have been possible in such a sparsely populated country, without the technological innovation of agricultural pioneers...”

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